Radio shuttle system

    Radio shuttle is a semi-automated high density storage system, which is driven by a remoter, and it’s a perfect option for drive in racking use in cold storage, food and beverage industry and other low level of SKU.

    Our new generation intelligent pallet shuttle supports APP and tablet with WiFi connection, no operator in work field.

    The forklifts in radio shuttle rack allow only move in front of rack and don’t enter the channel, so greatly reduce labor cost and operating time.

    Radio shuttle racking system provides one stop compact storage and achieve automatic storing and quick sorting for customized customers, by using a combination of forklift and WMS.

    Speedshuttle is our independent researched shuttle cart and main components from European manufactures, it has passed CE certificated.

      Drive in racking VS Radio shuttle system

    Drive in racking system

    Radio shuttle system


    Take a long time reach into the channel 

    Each operation only in front of channel
    Automatic picking efficiency

    Better than standard pallet racking


    2 or 3 times faster than drive in system

    The forklift sometimes will crash the racks

    More secure than drive in ,reduce the collision

      Details of Pallet shuttle system


    1. Nobody work inside of racks, reduce the work intensity.

    2. High density, optimizing warehouse space.

    3. Continuous loading/unloading, reduce waiting time

    4. Counting the pallets in each lane, make the warehouse staff to get storage capacity more quickly

    5. Achieve FIFO or FILO mangement of goods

      Radio shuttle Performance

    Traveling Speed    

    Loaded               0.8m/s

    Unloaded            1.2m/s

    Working Period10h
    Weight 250kg
    Remote Distance500m
    Carrying Load1500kg
    Pallet Size  1m-1.2m
    Pallet Lift Height    45mm


    Voltage  24V


    Lithium battery 60Ah
    Charging Period    

    3 hours at  room temperature (0℃-45℃ )

    6 hours at  low temperature    (-25℃ -0℃)

    Battery Lifemore than 2000 times

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