ASRS System

    Maxrac Automatic Storage and Retrieval System is constructed by high-level three-dimensional racking, automatic stacker, conveyor system, warehouse control system, warehouse management system and related storage equipments.

    • Adopt automatic stacker to replace the manual storage and labor picking, which is faster and save effort. As workers do not enter the warehouse, greatly improving the work environment.

    • Using computer management system for cargo management, greatly enhancing the goods management capacity, thus the warehouse scientific management, accuracy and reliability can get qualitativ improvement, inventory management, stocktaking and  reporting, etc. becomes simple and quick.

    • AS/RS system supported by auxiliary conveying equipment, makes the stocking simple and convenient.

    • AS/RS system only needs few operators and maintainers, it saves resources and money, also improves working environment.

    • Computers can store and manage all kinds of information properly, which reduce errors generated in the processing of goods stored procedure. Computer management takes full advantage of the warehouse storage ability to make an inventory in a warehouse and reduce stock reasonably, which improves the management level.

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