Ezlock Pallet Racking

    Maxrac Ezlock Pallet Racking System offers greater flexibility in the adjustment of beam levels with 50mm increments using 5 hook end connector. Apart from providing greater adjustability in beam location, the new connectors have an enhanced load bearing.

    Ezlock is designed in accordance to the latest FEM ( European Federation of Materials Handling and Storage Equipment ) standards. It also meets AS4084-2012 Australian Code for Steel Storage Racking.

    Maxrac offers optional beam and upright frame designs that are intended for use together on Pallet Rack that will be located in areas where seismic activity or othersevere conditions are likely.

    Ezlock Upright 50 Pitch

    Type of uprightWidthDepthThickness
    EZL50 U 80-188065/701.8
    EZL50 U 80-208065/702.0
    EZL50 U 90-1890701.8
    EZL50 U 90-2090702.0
     EZL50 U 105-18105701.8
     EZL50 U 105-20105702.0
     EZL50 U 105-25105702.5
       EZL50 U 105-275105702.75
     EZL50 U 120-20120852.0
     EZL50 U 120-25120852.5
       EZL50 U 120-275120852.75
     EZL50 U 120-30120853.0
     EZL50 U 150-20150852.0
       EZL50 U 150-275150852.75
     EZL50 U 130150853.0

    ★All units in mm

    Upright Height:All Sizes Available at 50mm Pitch


    Beam Length


    Beam length is specified as the distance between connector faces,as shown in right draft.

    Beam Connector 

    Maxrac Ezlock Beam connectors are designed to increase resistance to sideway away movements and effectively take 

    vertical loads and those movements on specially designed high performance hooks.

    Beam connectors are: 5 hooks


    Safety Lock

    Each beam is supplied with steel Safety Lock,which guarance the beam is correctly positioned and help prevent the beam 

    being accidentally during dislodged during its work.Safety Locks are fixed to beam connectors  when being packaged.


    Box Beam

    Maxrac Ezlock Box beams are  avaliable in a comprehensive range to cover most loading requirement.Beam section height avaliable from 80-160mm.


    Type of uprightHeightWidthThicknessHookers
    EZL50 U 80-158045/501.55
    EZL50 U 90-159045/501.55
    EZL50 U 100-1510045/501.55
    EZL50 U 110-1511045/501.55
    EZL50 U 120-1512045/501.55
    EZL50 U 130-1513045/501.55
    EZL50 U 140-1514045/501.55
    EZL50 U 150-15150501.55
    EZL50 U 160-15160501.55
    EZL50 U 160-18160501.85
    EZL50 U 160-20160502.0    5   

    ★All units in mm

    Beam Length: All Size Available

    Step & RHS Beam

    Type of uprightHeightWidthThicknessHookers
    EZL R 5050501.5/2.0/3.03
    EZL P 60-1560401.53
    EZL P 60-2060402.03
    EZL P 80-1580501.54
    EZL P 80-2080502.04
     EZL P 110-20110502.05
     EZL P 110-25110502.55
     EZL P 110-30110503.05

    ★All units in mm

    Beam Length: All Size Available

    Finish:Powder Epoxy-Polyester Coating,Polymerized at 1800 ℃,Lead free.  

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