Superlock Pallet Racking

    About our Maxrac Superlock Pallet Racking 

    1. Maxrac superlock pallet racking is designed to store pallet cargo. It enables you to make full use of the storage space. With a wide range of optional solutions and components available, we can design special superlock pallet racking storage rack according to your requirements.  

    2. Maxrac superlock pallet racking can be coupled with different specifications of pallets and containers.  

    3. It can coordinate with all the handling equipment and operational equipment. especially use as industrial rack. 

    4. As the leading rack supplier/ manufacturer in China, we have so many racking systems available, but Maxrac superlock pallet racking is manufactured in accordance with international quality standard ISO9001:2008, as well as international design standard SEMA, FEM, and AS4084.

    About the Upright Column of Maxrac Superlock Pallet Racks

    Maxrac Superlock uprights bear the full load of the pallet racking system. The transfer of rack loads from the beams through the uprights is therefore critical to overall system strength, safety and performance. Maxrac Superlock upright is designed to carry the rack load on the front face without twisting, distorting or stressing metal. The profile of the slots transfers the load vertically down the upright and allows beams to connect without being wedged in so that the side loads are not imposed on the upright by the beam end connector. Maxrac?Superlock uprights have a significant deeper flange (side face) than other conventional racking systems, providing greater overall strength, rigidity and a greater resistance to lateral impact damage.

    Superlock 762 Upright

    Type of right 
      SPL762 U 80A-1880631.8
      SPL762 U 80A-2080632.0
      SPL762 U 80B-1880701.8
    SPL762 U 90-1890701.8
    SPL762 U 90-2090702.0
     SPL762 U 105-18105701.8
     SPL762 U 105-20105702.0
     SPL762 U 105-25105702.5
      SPL762 U 105-275120702.75
     SPL762 U 120-20120852.0
     SPL762 U 120-25120852.5
      SPL762 U 120-275120852.75
    SPL762 U 120-30120853.0
    SPL762 U 150-20150852.0
    SPL762 U 150-25150852.5
     SPL762 U 150-275150852.75
    SPL762 U 150-30150853.0

     ★All units in mm

    Upright Height:All Size Available at 3"(76.2mm)Pitch




    Beam Length 

    Beam length is specified as the distance between connector faces, as shown in right draft.

    Beam Connector

    Maxrac Superlock Pallet Racking Beam connector is designed to increase resistance to sideways away moments and effectively take vertical loads and moments on specially designed high performance hooks.


    Beam connector available: 2- hooker, 3 - hooker, 4 - hooker connectors, depending on the beam section height and beam loading.


    Safety Lock

    Each beam is supplied with steel Safety Lock, which guarantee the beam is correctly positioned and help prevent the beam being accidentally dislodged during its work. Safety Locks are fixed to beam connectors when being packaged.



    Box Beam

    Maxrac Superlock Box beams are available in a comprehensive range to cover most loading requirements. Beam section height available from 80-160mm. 




    Type of beamHeightWidthThicknessHookers
    SPL B 80-50-1580501.5


    SPL B 90-50-1590501.53
     SPL B 100-50-15100501.5


     SPL B 110-50-15110501.54
     SPL B 120-50-15120501.54
     SPL B 130-50-15130501.54
     SPL B 140-50-15140501.54
    SPL B150-50-15150501.54
     SPL B 160-50-15160501.54
     SPL B 160-50-18160501.84
     SPL B 160-50-20160502.04

     ★All units in mm   

    Beam Length:All Size Available

    Step Beam


    Type of beamHeightWidthThicknessHookers
    SPL R 5050501.5/2.0/3.02
    SPL P 60-1560401.52
    SPL P 60-2060402.02
    SPL P 80-1580501.52
    SPL P 80-2080502.02
      SPL P 110-20110502.03
      SPL P 110-25110502.53
      SPL 110-30110503.03

    ★All units in mm   

    Standard Colours

    Zinc Plated&Hot Dip Galvanised are available on request.

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