Shanghai Maxrac Storage Equipment Engineering co.,ltd,

Maxrac® is a leading racking manufacturer and provider of High quality industrial storage solutions, which it markets cover more than 60 countries, exports more than 1000 containers and offers more than 10,000 solutions annually. Our factory covers 80,000 sqm, locating in Jinshan District of Shanghai, has over 350 employees and modern manufacturing facilities.

Two trademarks

    Our company was founded by Changhan Sun (Roger) since 2003 due to its' humble beginnings of producing warehouse pallet rackings, and storage shelving to one of the Chinese leading manufacturers of racking designs, manufacturing and logistics solutions. The Maxrac® is growing steadily from 2003 till today, gaining popularity and clients' recognitions all over the world. To enchance market share, we adopt Speedlog® for medium and high products, like Automatic Warehouse, Conveyor sorting system and so on. Speedlog® is expanding fast and strong in domestic market now.

What we do

    Maxrac® serves "One Stop Solutions" through our wide products range from Selective Pallet Racking and Storage Shelving to Automated Warehouse and so on. We have 15 years of experience and expertise, which we utilize in collaboration with our customers to provide the best solutions. Tailored to your exact storage and logistics needs, and a layout created by our expert engineer team using the latest in CAD software.

Our commitment

    We do deliver out the products, but more importantly, we also provide a complete package services, including consultancy, planning and maintenance. We fairly value at your every simple and complicate project for customers' rights, no matter different amounts of the projects are. Our strong Customer Service Department will insure that your order will be delivered on time with happiness.

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