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We are dedicated to providing top-tier industrial shelving solutions that redefine efficiency, organization, and storage capabilities for businesses across various industries. With a commitment to quality, durability, and innovation, we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer in the field of industrial storage. We are a leading manufacturer of industrial shelving solutions, our factory covers an area of 80,000 square meters, located in Jinshan District, Shanghai, with more than 350 employees and modern production facilities. Maxrac is devoted to providing reliable logistics equipment and warehouse solutions for our clients. We appoint a professional project leader for building up a suitable solution to each customer, whether the demands of a basic Storage Rack System or a huge Automatic Warehouse System. Our Solution Group and the project leader will consider demand of the customer by the analysis of requirements, and keep closely in touch with the customer to discuss the solution design. 

We also have some actual project cases for your reference: our shelving storage systems are widely used in supermarkets, automobiles, E-commerce, logistics, airports, medical and other industries.

◆ Mezzanine Rack System

◆ Pallet Rack System

◆ Automated Storage System

◆ Pallet Shuttle System

Our automatic warehouse racking system meets export testing qualifications, inspection reports, after-sales, etc., such as CE certification; EN certification; FEM quality report, AS4084 quality inspection report, RMI testing; MHI membership qualifications.

Our comprehensive range of industrial shelving solutions is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses, helping them optimize their workspace and enhance operational efficiency. Whether you're managing a warehouse, distribution center, retail space, or any other industrial setting, our shelving systems are tailored to deliver exceptional performance in various applications.

The general process of storage shelves solution is as follows:

Industrial Shelving drawings design1. Analysis of Customer Requirements:   We make drawings and recommend suitable racking system due to customers' demands. Analyzing customer requirements is a crucial step in providing effective industrial shelving solutions. Understanding what your customers need and expect helps you tailor your products and services to meet your specific demands.

Preliminary Storage Shelving Solutions

2.Building a preliminary solution:  Our mechanical engineers produce 3D simulations for the suitable Racking Selections and its' bearing capacity that they've calculated. 

Moreover, our mechanical engineers are capable of  providing seimic analysis for customers in different countries and regions if needed.

Perfect Quote

3. Perfect Quote: Provide a complete & reasonable offer and installation drawing, and communicate with the customer in time.

Project Tracking

4. Project Tracking: Based on products and solution requirements from different customers, (such as Automatic Warehouse or Shuttle Racking System), we arrange professional technicians to the on-site installation, commissioning and training for a week. Project tracking is a crucial aspect of project management that offers several benefits to ensure the successful execution of projects. Technicians can complete the installation and commissioning more quickly and efficiently than non-specialized personnel. This accelerates the deployment of the system or equipment, reducing downtime for the customer. Having technicians on-site for a week allows for immediate troubleshooting and support. If issues or questions arise, they can be addressed in real-time, reducing frustration and delays.

Key Features of Our Industrial Shelving Solutions:

◆ Robust Construction: Our shelving units are constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. They are built to withstand heavy loads and rigorous industrial environments.

◆ Versatile Designs: We offer a variety of shelving designs, including boltless shelving, pallet racking, cantilever racks, and more, to accommodate your specific storage needs. You can choose from a range of sizes, configurations, and weight capacities.

◆ Customization: We understand that every business is unique. That's why our shelving solutions can be customized to match your exact requirements, offering tailored solutions that fit seamlessly into your workspace.

◆ Easy Installation: Our industrial shelving systems are designed for straightforward installation, minimizing downtime and maximizing your team's productivity.

◆ Space Optimization: With our industrial shelving and racking solutions, you can make the most of your available space, creating a well-organized and efficient environment that maximizes storage capacity.

◆ Safety and Compliance: We prioritize safety and compliance in all our designs, ensuring that your shelving solutions meet industry standards and provide a secure environment for your workforce.

◆ Quality Assurance: Every product is rigorously tested to guarantee the highest quality, and we stand behind our solutions with warranties for your peace of mind.

◆ Outstanding Customer Support: Our team of experts is always ready to provide guidance and assistance, helping you select the perfect shelving system and offering ongoing support as needed.

Experience the difference that our industrial storage solutions can make for your business. Contact us today to discuss your needs and explore the wide range of options we offer. Join the many businesses that have already elevated their storage and organization with our industry-leading shelving solutions.

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