4 Way Pallet Shuttle

Four Way Speedshuttle System

Four way radio shuttle system (4 way speedshuttle) is automated high-density storage and retrieval system for the handling of palletized goods. It's an optimal solution for the storage of goods with mass quantity and small SKU, widely used in the industry of Food&beverage, chemical, third party logistics etc.  

It's an updated version of standard radio shuttle system. The shuttle is able to move in 4 directions on the storage lanes and main lanes. In this way the shuttle can change lanes without operation of forklift, greatly save labor cost and improve warehousing efficiency.

Four way shuttle system

Four way radio shuttle system usually consists of Racking System, Radio Shuttle, Elevator, Conveyor and WMS/WCS system. Conveyor line is placed in front of racking system for picking and receiving of pallets. Elevator will transport radio shuttle and pallets from ground to different layers. With instruction of WMS/WCS system, radio shuttle is able to automatically pick and deliver pallets to appointed position inside racks, which could realize automatic storage and retrieval of goods in warehouse.

Four way shuttle system

Benefit of 4-way radio shuttle

  Greatly increase storage capacity, which is 3-4 times large than traditional racking system.

  Cost effective and time-saving, reduce land and labor cost

  Fully automatic, low level of risks or damage to the equipment and operator.

  Self-designed WMS/WCS system to well match shuttle system.

  Available to meet various storage capacity demand with adjustment of shuttle quantity.


1.  Independent research and development, own intellectual property. advantages on After sale service.

2.  Whole plate lifting design can prevent small particles or oil stains from entering the car body and affecting service life.

3.  With own professional software team, can connect our system with customers existing automation equipments or WMS,  

     which can help upgrade the warehouse from semi automation to full automation

4.  With rich export experience, we can support customers to deploy overseas markets

Solutions & Costs
Conventional beams type racking

Stack crane ASRS

Four-way Speedshuttle system


Four way shuttle system

Four way shuttle system

Four way shuttle system

Storage Cap.



Non automatic

Full Automatic

Full Automatic




Dependence of 

single equipment

No(man power)



Labor cost


Four way shuttle system

Specification of 4-way radio shuttle

Max loading: 2.5t

Speed: 0.6-1.0m/s

Acceleration speed: 0.3m/s

Position accuracy: ±2mm

Operating temperature:0-45℃

Four way shuttle system

Racking parts

50mm pitch adjustable

Wear resistant guide rail

Ajustable baseplate

Universal shuttle rails with normal radio shuttle system

Four way shuttle system

Function Introduction

    Manual function

    Automatic cargo in and out

    Automatic cargo transfer

    Inventory technology

    Online charging function

    Low power alarm function

    Remote control function

    telecontrol function

    System monitoring

    Emergency stop function

    Log upload function

3D simulation 3D simulation
PAD digital operation PAD digital operation
Removable battery Removable battery
Pallet rail Pallet rail
Pallrt rail arm Pallrt rail arm
Export package Export package
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