Automated Guided Vehicle

Automatic guided vehicle systems are fully automatic transport systems that perform tasks instead of human. It’s especially used high volumes of repetitive movements of goods.

The AGV solutions have a wide range for application from single vehicle to integrate with other warehouse equipment(such as  warehouse control system or warehouse management system) and integrated in many industries, such as distribution, manufacturing retail, healthcare and so on. Maxrac® will tailor the most suitable AGV solution based on standard models and custom designs to meet your warehouse business requirements.


• Improve productivity:

Allowing management to concentrate labor resources towards value add-on tasks and products, repetitive tasks are handled by AGV’s

• Reduce product damage:

Installed sensors and load protection devices allow AGV’s to carry out precise and secure handling of all loads

• Reduced Labor Costs: 

By replacing employees with AGVs, you could perform operation with fewer employees

• Improved efficiency:

Seamless integration with production, ERP and WMS software, enable companies to implement accurate just in time materials flow

• Improved safety:

Vehicles move in a predictable and controlled manner with sensors for obstacle detection.

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