Different Types of Pallet Racks for Warehouse Storage

Sep. 15, 2023

Efficient warehouse storage is essential for businesses to optimize space, improve accessibility, and streamline operations. Pallet racks are a fundamental component of warehouse storage systems, offering versatility and space-saving solutions. There are several types of pallet racks to choose from, each designed to meet specific storage needs. In this guide, we'll explore different types of pallet racks commonly used in warehouse storage:

1. Selective Pallet Racks

Selective pallet racks are one of the most common and versatile types of pallet racking systems. They allow direct access to each pallet, making it easy to retrieve individual items. Key features include:

Accessible from the front without moving other pallets.

Adjustable beam levels to accommodate various pallet heights.

Ideal for businesses with a large variety of products and a need for quick access.

2. Drive-In and Drive-Through Racks

Drive-in and drive-through racks maximize storage density by eliminating the need for multiple aisles. These racks are suitable for storing a large quantity of the same product. Key features include:

Allows forklifts to drive into the rack system.

Drive-in racks have one entry point, while drive-through racks have entry and exit points, improving stock rotation.

Well-suited for businesses with high quantities of the same SKU.

Drive In Pallet Racks

Drive In Pallet Racks

3. Push-Back Racks

Push-back racks are designed for high-density storage and efficient use of space. They operate on a last-in, first-out (LIFO) system. Key features include:

Pallets are loaded from the front and pushed back as new pallets are added.

Each level can hold multiple pallets, making it suitable for bulk storage.

Reduces the need for aisles and improves storage efficiency.

4. Pallet Flow Racks

Pallet flow racks are gravity-driven systems that use rollers or wheels to move pallets forward as new ones are added. They operate on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) system. Key features include:

Automated flow of pallets for efficient stock rotation.

Ideal for perishable or time-sensitive goods.

Reduces labor requirements for moving pallets.

5. Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are designed for the storage of long and bulky items, such as lumber, pipes, and steel bars. Key features include:

Arms that extend from vertical columns, providing easy access to items without front obstructions.

Customizable to accommodate varying item lengths and weights.

Commonly used in hardware stores, lumberyards, and manufacturing facilities.

6. Mezzanine Racking Systems

Mezzanine racking systems involve the construction of an intermediate floor or platform within a warehouse to maximize vertical space. Key features include:

Creates additional levels for storage or work areas.

Ideal for businesses looking to expand storage capacity without relocating.

Can be customized to accommodate various rack types.

Choosing the right type of pallet rack for your warehouse storage needs depends on factors such as the type of products you store, the quantity of SKUs, space availability, and the desired picking method (FIFO or LIFO). Consulting with a warehouse storage expert can help you design an efficient and tailored storage solution for your business.

By selecting the appropriate pallet rack system, you can optimize your warehouse space, improve accessibility, and enhance overall productivity.

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