Light Duty Cantilever Racking

Light Duty Cantilever Racking - Made in China

For manually loaded goods with less load, you can choose light cantilever racking. Light duty Cantilever racking is constructed from pallet racking or longspan shelving. It's a perfect low-cost solution to store long and awkward light-duty oversized goods. Compared with heavy duty and medium-duty cantilever racking, light cantilever racking is the least expensive and it is very suitable for storage of lighter materials such as plastic pipes, conduits, hydraulic pipes and decorative parts, which can achieve neat and effective storage management in any scenario.

Cantilever pallet racking provides easy accessibility together with support along the length of the item being stored. It is available in both single sided and double sided configurations. The double-sided rack provides maximum storage capacity on a single central column while the single-sided rack is designed to fit flush against a wall. If you want to store on both sides of the shelves you can choose light double-sided cantilever racking, if you can't store on both sides of the shelves, then you can choose light single-sided cantilever racking. We have been supplying cantilever racking for many years, contact us to help design the right storage racking for your load.


Light duty cantilever racks Advantages

• Excellent low-cost cantilever racking storage system

• Simple assembly with few components

• Reduced handling times and increased space utilization make cantilever racks more cost-efficient

• Any load is immediately available

• Be installed indoor and outdoors as reuqired.

Please let me konws the following information for quick quotation:


1. drawing(if available)

2. size of your warehouse

3. width(or length)     

4. height of rack

5. how many levels of the rack

6. single-sided or double sided

7. loading capacity of each arm

8. (RAL)color you want

Arm stopper Arm stopper
Bracing Bracing
Single side arm Single side arm
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