Characteristic Of Steel Structure Mezzanine

Sep. 08, 2018

Features: Each pallet can be stored or moved independently. The Mezzanine Racking System make the loading and unloading process of the goods easier and faster. It can be adapted to various types of goods, and the height of the beam can be adjusted according to the size requirements of the cargo, and the upper space of the warehouse can be utilized as much as possible. The fitting facilities are the simplest, the lowest cost, and the installation and removal are extremely convenient.

The Steel Structure Mezzanine are made of high-quality steel plates with electrostatic spraying on the surface, anti-corrosion/rust-proof/sturdy and beautiful. Its various specifications and load-bearing design can meet the requirements of the factory, warehouse, assembly line, storage supermarket. When you need a shelf with a load of 100-150kg per layer, this shelf is the ideal choice and can be used as a platform, so the light shelf is suitable for the factory to store light parts and storage supermarkets. It is assembled by plugging, easy to install and disassemble, and has a wide range of uses.

Steel Structure Mezzanine

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