The Characteristics and Functions of Storage Shelves

Mar. 19, 2021

Storage Rack Suppliers share with you the characteristics, uses and functions of storage racks:

Characteristic use

The storage rack has a large load-bearing capacity, and each layer of the storage rack can carry up to 5000kg. It is quick and convenient to access. It is the most widely used pallet cargo storage system and has strong versatility. The structure is that the racks are divided into several rows along the width of the warehouse, and a laneway is left between them for the passage of stacking cranes, forklifts or other handling machinery. Each row of shelves is divided into several columns along the longitudinal direction of the warehouse, and divided into several layers in the vertical direction, thereby forming a large number of cargo spaces for pallet storage of goods.

Features: Each pallet can be stored or moved independently. Warehouse shelves make the loading and unloading process of goods easier and faster. It can be adapted to various types of goods, and the height of the beam can be adjusted according to the size of the goods, so that the upper space of the warehouse can be used as much as possible. The matching facilities are the simplest, the lowest cost, and the installation and removal are extremely convenient.

The storage shelves are made of high-quality steel plates, and the surface is treated by electrostatic spraying, which is anti-corrosion/anti-rust/sturdy and beautiful. Its various specifications and load-bearing designs can meet the requirements of factories, warehouses, assembly lines, and warehouse supermarkets. When you need shelves with a load of 100-150kg per layer, this kind of shelf is an ideal choice and can also be used as a platform. Therefore, the Light Shelf is suitable for use in factories to store light bulk items and warehouse supermarkets. Plug-in assembly, convenient installation and disassembly, wide range of uses

Storage Rack

Storage Rack


1. The three-dimensional structure can make full use of the warehouse space, improve the utilization rate of the warehouse capacity, and expand the storage capacity of the warehouse;

2. Convenient access to goods, first-in-first-out, 100% selection ability, and smooth inventory turnover;

3. The goods in the warehouse shelves are clear at a glance, which is convenient for very important management tasks such as inventory, division, and measurement;

4. To meet the needs of storage and centralized management of large quantities of goods and a wide variety of goods, with mechanical handling tools, it can also achieve orderly storage and handling;

5. The goods stored in the shelf are not squeezed each other, and the material loss is small, which can completely guarantee the function of the material body and reduce the loss of the goods in the storage process;

6. To ensure the quality of stored goods, measures such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-theft, and anti-vandalism can be taken to improve the quality of material storage;

7. Meet the management needs of modern enterprises' low-cost, low-loss and high-efficiency logistics supply chain.

8. Large bearing capacity, not easy to deform, reliable connection, easy disassembly and assembly, and diversification.

Therefore, Storage Shelves have played a huge role in the development of modern industry. With the development of modern industrial civilization, the structure and functions of storage shelves have been continuously improved.

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