How to Properly Install Storage Shelves?

Sep. 16, 2022

The installation of storage shelves should be constructed according to the drawings, when the construction found that the site or the design does not match, should be timely proposed and approved by the change before construction. MAXRAC will briefly introduce what is the correct process of warehouse shelving installation.


MAXRAC Steel structure mezzanine

MAXRAC Steel structure mezzanine 

The correct order of warehouse shelf installation.


1. Installation of column pieces.

The cross brace, diagonal brace, shims and other components, fixed to the column, that is, the composition of the column piece.


2. Installation of cross-beam.

First, place the two column pieces according to the distance of the crossbeam, then install the lower crossbeam, and snap the two ends of the crossbeam into the diamond-shaped holes of the column. After installing one, then install the other side of the bottom beam, and install them in turn.


3. Installation of laminates or partitions.

After the installation of the crossbeam, install the layer plate (or partition) in turn.


4. Fix each part: 

After all the shelves are installed, the warehouse shelves all parts of the shelves are beaten hard. Shelves can be installed firmly.


Warehouse shelves installation points.


1. Warehouse shelves installed with a variety of measurement and testing instruments, instruments, meters and other equipment, etc., should comply with the provisions of the current national measurement regulations. Its accuracy level is not lower than the accuracy level of the installation requirements.


2. Warehouse shelves should be installed in accordance with the construction drawings, do not change without authorization.


3. Warehouse shelves before installation of concealed works should be inspected before the concealment of the project, and only after passing the construction can continue.


4. Warehouse shelves should be adjusted to the overall level of shelves, vertical adjustment until it meets the standard, should do the beam bearing test, test the deflection under the beam.


5. Warehouse shelves should be repainted for small areas of surface leakage, spalling and wear of the components, all fasteners should be tightened, countersunk should be buried in the components, not exposed. 


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