The Correct Use Of Mezzanine Racking System

Nov. 17, 2018

How to use the Mezzanine Racking System, what are the correct ways to use them? Which methods are not correct? How can the shelves be more durable and last longer? Then the shelf maintenance is inevitable, learn how to maintain the shelves and avoid Unnecessary damage to the warehouse shelves.

1. Try not to use the shelf on the uneven ground. Uneven load on the storage shelf will damage the shelf.

2. Anti-overload: The weight of each layer stored in the goods shall not exceed the maximum load of the shelf design.

3. When placing goods on the shelves of Automated Storage System Supplier, the operators should try not to directly enter the bottom of the shelves.

4, anti-heavy top-heavy: should be done on the high-level light goods, the bottom of the principle of heavy goods.

5. Anti-collision: During the operation of the forklift, it should be handled as lightly as possible.

6. Avoid storing shelves in wet places.

7. Regularly take care of the shelves and clean the dust on the shelve

No matter which type of storage shelf is used, it has its own lifespan. Follow the common sense of the shelf and pay attention to the maintenance details during use to maintain the long-term use of the shelf

Mezzanine Racking System

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