Mezzanine Racking Systems

Mezzanine Racking

The mezzanine racking is an independent structure suitable for small warehouses. It is a design combination that uses the space for more than two layers. When the floor area of the factory is limited, it can be planned in a three-dimensional manner to effectively make full use of the space. To put it simply, the original storage area is separated by steel beams and metal plates. Different types of shelves can be placed on each floor, and the shelf structure on the next floor has the function of supporting the upper floor. The warehouse mezzanine rack is a commonly used racking system for the enterprise storage. And can be used in combination with conventional racks to maximize the effective use of warehouse space. Racking supported mezzanine using racking system's parts to add a second or third level inside your facility to create more usable space. It can be equipped with lights, decking handrails, staircase and many other options. The bottom pallet racking supports the upper platform, on which the second layer shelves are set. Taking full advantage of the space, it is a typical application for manual picking goods.

Mezzanine Racking Systems

Custom Mezzanine racking systems

Mezzanine racking systems are customized to fit your exact area, height, color and load requirements. Create new production, office, storage or assembly space, locker rooms, parts departments, stockrooms, cafeterias, company records storage, work platforms, distribution centers and more. Mezzanines are professionally engineered and designed to meet all building codes. Our experienced engineers and consulting services will help you increased storage capacity fast.

Mezzanine rack is a cost-effective storage method, which can maximize the use of warehouse space. We are a professional racking system manufacturer. It is our goal to customize your racking system for you. Welcome to contact us.

Features of Custom Mezzanine Rack Systems

1. The storage capacity has been doubled;

2. Safe and stable, easy to operate;

3. Can be quickly removed and installed;

4. Combined with lifts, automated storage system;

5. Comprehensive accessories: handrails, stairs, etc;

6. Can be used in various warehouses.

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Warehouse mezzanine system for auto parts


Loading Capacity200-1000 kgs/square meter
Layers of floor2-3 layers
Floor heightEvery 50mm adjustable from bottom to top of uprights
Mezzanine HeightCustomized ,2000-100000mm
Mezzanine WidthCustomized ,2000-100000mm
FinshPowder coating (different color acceptable) or hot dip  galvanized on request 


Please inform us of the following information for quick racking solution:

1.Warehouse layout or drawing ((if available)

2.Size of your warehouse

3. Loading capicty of per square meter

4. Size of warehouse racking.

5. Number of layers of racking

6. Type of Platform

7. (RAL)color you want

Lifting platfrom Lifting platfrom
Mezzanine stair Mezzanine stair
Safety door Safety door
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