Maxrac Wish You All a Happy Thanksgiving

Nov. 23, 2018

Maxrac as a Pallet Rack Mezzanine Manufacturer wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I have to mention a Thanksgiving dinner.

The Thanksgiving dinner is a meal that Americans value very much during the year. The food for this meal is very rich. At the table, turkey and pumpkin pie are a must.

American Thanksgiving food is traditional in character. The turkey is the traditional main course of Thanksgiving. Usually, the turkey belly is stuffed with various seasonings and mixed foods. Then it is roasted whole, and the chicken skin is baked into dark brown. It is cut into thin slices by the male owner. everyone. Then each person puts on the marinade and sprinkles with salt, which is very delicious. In addition, traditional foods for Thanksgiving include sweet hawthorn, hosta, pumpkin pie, cranberry jam, homemade bread and various vegetables and fruits.

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