4 New Ways To Keep Your Warehouse Hassle-Free

Nov. 30, 2018

1. Beam type shelf (also known as pallet racking system) :

Also known as Pallet Racking System or goods location type shelf, in order to access pallet goods for the purpose of professional warehouse shelves, by column piece (column), beam composition, beam type shelf structure is simple, reliable performance. Fast and convenient access, ensure that all items are first-in, first-out, no forklift type restrictions, fast pick up speed, space utilization rate of 30-50% (determined by the forklift type).

2. Heavy Duty Shelving:

High density, efficient storage of goods is an ideal choice, the use of free access design, high inventory turnover rate, according to the single pick up, pick up goods quickly, good ground utilization, storage net station warehouse 60%. The characteristics of low cost, reliable performance, simple and convenient assembly and disassembly of heavy shelving; Applicable to manual access, each layer of the standard effective load of more than 800kg. Suitable for manual access box type goods, or with parts box, turnover box supporting the loading of scattered heavy goods.

3. Light shelf:

Pluggable modular structure, standard group plug-in, convenient and fast disassembling and assembling, rigid and reliable closed steel laminate structure, the height of each layer is adjustable for every 50mm, and the upper limit of each layer is 150-250kg.

4. Medium shelf:

The rack adopts the structural form of combination of beam and laminate, which can bear 300-500kg. The beam has a variety of cross sections, structural parts can be assembled and dismantled freely, the height of the layer can be adjusted, and the adjustment distance is 50mm.

Pallet Racking System

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