Wiremesh Decking

Wire mesh decking is a perfect option to prevent pallets from falling through the pallet racking system.It’s widely used in warehouse, distribution centers and manufacturing as a protection device on selective pallet racking.

Except to increase the safety, wire mesh decking offers stability and improves the overall efficiency of your warehouse.Wire mesh rack decking is far superior to wood decking. It complies with fireproof requirements and can help reduce the insurance rates. Wire grid decks are superior to solid wood or steel corrugated decks in assisting in the dispersing of overhead light, which will make it easy for forklift driver to identify products in pallet rack system.


 • Enableing your pallet rack system to load not only storing full pallet loads, but also less than pallet load quantities. In this way, your pallet rack system is converted to bulk storage rack.

• Our wire mesh deck can convert load beams to wire shelves in a selective pallet rack system.

• It can be made according to your requirements on depth, length, and load capacity.

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