Common Accessories

Maxrac® provides high-quality accessories for pallet racking, the following are our common accessories and their functions.

  1. Corner protector safeguard the stability of the structure(L type and U type corner protector available)

  2. Upright front protector can protect upright against collision

  3. Post protector can protect upright against collision

  4. Pipe bump protector and L type bump protector can protect the whole racking against collision

  5. Pallet support bars provide support for pallet depth which may be less than the depth of the rack

  6. Shelf support bar can be used for any beam length

  7. Awkward loads, such as coils or barrels, are held securely using Coil support bar

  8. Fork entry bars clip over beams, to allow loads to be stored and handled by forklift truck, without using pallets.

  9. Upright can be spliced by upright splicers to provide high-bay storage up to 30m.

  10. Maximum loads──kgs and Maintenance of racking structures signs can be fitted to racks to encourage safe use

L type corner protector L type corner protector
U type corner protector U type corner protector
Upright front protector Upright front protector
Post protector Post protector
Pipe bump protector Pipe bump protector
L bump protector L bump protector
Pallet support bars Pallet support bars
Shelf support bar Shelf support bar
Coil support bar Coil support bar
Fork entry bars Fork entry bars
Upright splice Upright splice
Load Safety sign Load Safety sign
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