Steel shelving

Steel Shelving systems are designed to store small parts that commonly fall through wire shelving.It's usually put inside step beam and match to assemble storage shelves.

Maxrac offers a range of steel shelving of their storage solution for light to medium weight loads and can be reconfigured and moved around very easily.


• Items are more visible

It’s difficult to find a specific item if items are stored in a box or bin. Stored items on a steel shelving it become more visible and can be located and accessed more quickly.

• Larger items can be stored more easily

Larger, bulky items are usually difficult to store in bins and boxes. Stored these bulkier items on a steel shelving you can free up storage space in other storage systems.

• Improve space utilization

When you don’t have enough floor space.Steel shelving can be placed against walls and make use of vertical space.

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