Maxrac Moved Into a New Home

Dec. 05, 2018

Looking forward, looking forward, the autumn quietly left, the winter is close...

After a long time of moving, I finally finished! !

Maxrac as a racking supported mezzanine supplier moved to the 12th floor of Yongye Business Building, 2240 Pudong South Road

1. Heavy-duty storage shelves Under normal circumstances, the height of the columns does not exceed 12 meters, and attic shelves can be built on the basis of shelves.

2. The column of the Mezzanine Racking System is made up of the column, the cross bracing and the diagonal bracing; the column piece and the P-type silent beam are connected to form the shelf frame, and the safety pin is used for fixing, the structure is simple and firm; the steel plate is placed on the beam The upper part constitutes the shelf. Each layer can be adjusted freely up and down by 75mm steps.

3, heavy storage shelves can be with the thickness of the beam, the thickness of the laminate, the number of reinforcement ribs determine the layer load request, in the case of the relative length and material selection requirements.

4, heavy storage shelves are used in various occupations, low cost, safe and secure, assembled, disassembled and simplified, can be used alone, can also be placed in the main and sub-frames freely

racking supported mezzanine supplier

racking supported mezzanine supplier

racking supported mezzanine supplier

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