Let's Deep Analysis the Project for Self Support Racking System

Jun. 26, 2023

Self support racking Project in Guatemala

Let's Deep Analysis the Project for Self Support Racking System

Self support racking is a typical representative of high-density warehouse storage solution, which has high requirements for design, installation and project management. Shanghai Speedlog has been building self support racking project in Guatemala every two years for eight years, demonstrating the company's technical heritage in the field of warehousing solution.

Self support racking, is a collection of rack and warehouses, the main body of the warehouse is built by the rack, the outer wall of the warehouse, the roof and other related equipment are built on the racking, forming an overall warehouse structure. Self support racking is widely used in large distribution centers, food&beverage, tobacco, chemical and other industries.

Let's Deep Analysis the Project for Self Support Racking System

Compared with the traditional warehouse, self support racking has its special characteristics:


1. High density, high utilization rate of space and land area

The overall height of self support racking is generally very high, abandoning the civil structure. And no need to leave a channel except the picking equipment channel in the warehouse, and the space utilization rate is extremely high. Highly density, also means that land area required is relatively small. With land costs increasing day by day, land occupation cost of self support racking warehouse will save about 20%~30%. Such advantages are very important in the cold chain industry, which is very sensitive to space energy consumption, 

2. Cost advantage under scale effect, short construction period

Traditional warehouse need to build the warehouse first, and then install the racks. The early warehouse construction will take several months. The Self support racking is built together with the warehouse, on-site installation is finished with crane modular lifting, professional installation tools. Construction of the peripheral structure and warehouse rack is done at same time, the total construction period is greatly shortened.


Of course, due to the complexity of the self support racking, it can not simply say that self support racking is cheaper than the combination of traditional warehouse&racks. But for large warehouse, the scale efficiency is prominent. Self support racking will be a cost effective solution.

3. Manufacturing accuracy and construction are difficult

Since self support racking projects are generally relatively high, how to ensure the accuracy of long columns is a challenge for manufacturing. At the same time, if high forklifts or high stackers are matched in the rack system, the accuracy requirements of automation equipment should be met at the same time. Shanghai Speedlog has the world's leading processing production line, each column will be inspected before come off the production line. The quality of the delivered products is well assured. 

Let's Deep Analysis the Project for Self Support Racking System

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