What Are the Safety Hazards in the Warehouse

Aug. 31, 2022

Warehouse storage materials should be regular safety hazard inspection, and timely rectification work, to identify problems. Standardize the warehouse safety operation management, is to ensure that the material and the company's property security winning strategy.


The warehouse needs to pay attention to the following general:


●Insecure environment, insecure action.


●Wrong method of placement, excessive storage.


●Improper security and protection.


What Are the Safety Hazards in the Warehouse

The principles of safe storage of materials.


1) Mark the location of storage and access.


2) Do not obstruct the passage and entrance/exit.


3) Material stacking smooth.


4) Reduce unnecessary handling.


5) Do not interfere with the emergency use of fire-fighting equipment.


6) Do not rely on the wall or structural pillar stacking.


7) Do not block electrical switches and first aid equipment.


8) Flammable and explosive materials should be stored separately.


Material storage safety management and purpose


1)To prevent accidental injury and material damage by personnel climbing up to take things.


2) should retain the necessary channel, the channel is not allowed to have materials, tools, to maintain a smooth flow.


3) To prevent fire, keep ventilation, prevent spontaneous combustion, isolate dangerous materials.


4)Try to use shelves to stack materials.


5) Material storage should be neatly stacked according to the type, size, length, to prevent collapse, and the injury caused by personnel.


6) Storage materials should be concentrated and classified piles, to achieve neat and orderly.


7) Stacking and moving should be careful to maintain a stable, not to collapse, to avoid safety accidents.


8) Flammable materials, should pay attention to maintain the integrity of the name, logo, and effectively prohibit smoke and fire, marked with no-smoking signs, safety signs.


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What Are the Safety Hazards in the Warehouse

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