How Much Do You Know About the Electrical Safety of Warehouse Storage?

Aug. 15, 2022

Warehouse is a semi-closed space, built-in many lighting, power supply and other electrical equipment, if not pay attention, these devices often bring many safety hazards, so the electrical safety in the warehouse is an important issue, we need to pay attention to, MAXRAC take you together to understand.


1. storage C solid goods warehouse, do not allow the use of iodine tungsten lamps and incandescent lamps more than sixty watts and other high-temperature lighting. When using fluorescent lamps and other low-temperature lighting fixtures and other flame-resistant lighting fixtures, the ballast should take heat insulation, heat dissipation and other fire protection measures to ensure safety


2. No mobile lighting fixtures in the warehouse.


3. Lighting fixtures are not allowed to stack items below, the vertical distance between the level of the following and storage items shall not be less than 0.5 meters.


4. The power distribution lines laid in the warehouse should be protected by metal pipes or non-combustible hard plastic pipes.


5. Each storehouse in the storage area should be installed separately outside the storehouse switch and distribution box.


How Much Do You Know About the Electrical Safety of Warehouse Storage?

6. The use of electric furnaces, soldering irons, irons and other electric heating appliances and televisions, refrigerators and other household appliances are not allowed in the warehouse.


7. Storage places of electrical equipment and combustible materials should be kept at least 0.5 meters of fire spacing.


8. Storage places of electric transmission equipment, loading and unloading equipment, mechanical lifting equipment and other frictional heat parts should take heat insulation, heat dissipation and other protective measures.


9. The electrical wiring and electrical equipment in the storage place should be regularly inspected and tested, such as: infrared thermography detection, cable insulation detection, appearance inspection, etc. Prohibit long time overload operation.


10. It is forbidden to stack items around the warehouse electrical equipment and under the overhead lines.


11. Electric forklifts and storage batteries are strictly forbidden to be charged in the warehouse.


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