The Benefits of Using Carton Live Storage

Jul. 10, 2023

Carton live storage, also known as gravity flow racking or dynamic racking, is a storage system that utilizes inclined roller tracks or conveyor belts to enable the flow of cartons or boxes by gravity. This system offers numerous benefits and advantages for efficient and organized storage operations. Let's explore the benefits of using carton live storage:

  • Maximizes Space Utilization: Carton live storage is designed to optimize space utilization. By utilizing gravity to move cartons forward, it eliminates the need for aisles between racking, allowing for higher-density storage. This means you can store a larger quantity of cartons in the same footprint compared to traditional static shelving or pallet racking systems.

  • Improved Stock Rotation and FIFO: Carton live storage operates on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) principle. The inclined roller tracks or conveyor belts ensure that cartons placed at the back automatically move forward when the front cartons are removed. This promotes proper stock rotation, ensuring that older inventory is used first, minimizing the risk of product expiration and reducing waste.

    Carton Live Storage

Carton Live Storage

  • Enhanced Order Picking Efficiency: With carton live storage, order picking becomes more efficient and streamlined. The organized flow of cartons allows for easy access and visibility to the products. Order pickers can quickly and easily locate the required items without wasting time searching through multiple shelves or bins. This results in increased productivity and faster order fulfillment.

  • Reduces Travel Time and Labor Costs: Carton live storage reduces travel time for order pickers. Since the cartons flow to the picking face, pickers can focus on retrieving items rather than walking long distances within the warehouse. This minimizes labor costs and fatigue while increasing overall picking speed and productivity.

  • Minimizes Handling and Product Damage: The gentle flow of cartons in carton live storage minimizes handling and product damage. The inclined tracks or conveyor belts ensure a controlled and smooth movement of cartons, reducing the risk of carton collisions or mishandling that can lead to product damage. This is particularly beneficial for fragile or delicate items.

    Carton Live Storage

Carton Live Storage

  • Improved Inventory Control and Accuracy: Carton live storage allows for better inventory control and accuracy. The flow of cartons ensures clear visibility of stock levels, making it easier to monitor and manage inventory. Real-time visibility enables accurate stock counts, reduces stockouts or overstock situations, and facilitates efficient replenishment planning.

  • Customizable and Scalable: Carton live storage systems are highly customizable and scalable to suit specific storage requirements. The system can be tailored to accommodate various carton sizes, weights, and flow rates. It can also be easily adjusted or expanded as business needs change or grow, providing flexibility and adaptability for evolving storage demands.

  • Safety and Ergonomics: Carton live storage systems are designed with safety and ergonomics in mind. The inclined roller tracks or conveyor belts ensure a controlled flow of cartons, reducing the risk of manual handling injuries or strains. Additionally, integrated safety features such as braking mechanisms or speed controllers enhance operator safety and prevent accidents.

In summary, carton live storage offers numerous benefits for efficient and organized storage operations. It maximizes space utilization, improves stock rotation and order-picking efficiency, reduces travel time and labor costs, minimizes handling and product damage, enhances inventory control and accuracy, and provides customization and scalability. Implementing carton live storage can lead to significant improvements in warehouse productivity, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

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