Carton Live Storage

Carton Live Storage' s comprises of a flowing frame, with rollers and guides which are specially designed to be able to adjust simply and easily and it can be incorporated into both pallet racking and longspan shelving system to maximize picking efficiency.

Carton flow rack system is put boxes or totes on the roll, using gravity to roll them to front for easy access and offers inventory rotation based on a FIFO(first in first on) principle and ensures continuous replenishment to the picking face.

To assemble and disassemble without any nuts and bolts, you can adjust with the special connectors to change the flowing frame. You can also adjust the space of the rollers and guides to make it suitable for a variety of goods.

Carton Live Storage Advantages:

• Use sloped shelves to improve picking efficiency and accuracy

• Saving floor space

• The height of beams are easy to adjust to suit for all sizes of box or tote

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