High density storage systm

Project Date: May. 15, 2015

About created in 2004 and is the first cross-border trade electronic business platform in China, Shanghai.

The merchants who cooperation with from all over the world, mainly engaged in import food, maternal and child supplies, health food, shoes and bags, skin makeup, fashion accessories, 3C electronic products and others.

Detail of project hope to build a system to reduce the sorting error rate, improve the utilization of warehouse space and save the labor cost.

Maxrac faced this situation planning, design and manufacture an e-commerce storage logistics distribution center for the This distribution center takes racking supported mezzanine and steel platform as the main body, at the same time with carton flow rack system and longspan shelving and offers logistics services for the whole mainland China. Maxrac from the whole to the part to meet the customer's business needs, become the whole process of warehouse more efficient and flexible transport sorting.

     High density storage systm

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