Four Values of Automated Three-dimensional Warehousing

Jun. 22, 2022

Three-dimensional warehousing system refers to the warehouse that uses high-level shelves to store goods in boxes or pallets, and uses roadways to stack heavy machines and other machinery for operation. Due to the use of high-rise shelves to store goods, the storage area can greatly develop to high altitude and make full use of the warehouse floor and space. Therefore, the storage area is saved and the space utilization rate is improved.

First: improve the utilization rate of space.

The basic starting point of the concept of three-dimensional warehouse is to improve the utilization rate of space and make full use of the limited and precious land. The space utilization rate of the three-dimensional library is closely related to its planning. Generally speaking, the space utilization rate of the automated elevated warehouse is 5 times that of the ordinary flat warehouse. At present, the height of the highest three-dimensional warehouse in the world has reached 50m, and the storage capacity per unit area can reach 7.5t/ storage, which is 5-6 times that of the ordinary warehouse, which maximizes the utilization of space.

Four Values of Automated Three-dimensional Warehousing

Second: improve operation efficiency.

Through the construction of automated three-dimensional warehouse as the center of the logistics system, scientific management of materials, so that materials are stored reasonably, improve processing efficiency, and meet the technological requirements of storage and production. At the same time, the realization of automated three-dimensional warehouse is the most typical example of reducing the labor intensity of workers.

The automatic three-dimensional database system needs few operators and system maintenance personnel, which not only saves manpower and material resources, but also improves the working environment.

Four Values of Automated Three-dimensional Warehousing

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Third: reduce inventory backlog.

Through the investigation and understanding of some large enterprises, due to historical reasons, the management means are backward and the material management is scattered, which makes the close relationship between production management and production links difficult to put in place. In order to achieve the expected production capacity and meet the production requirements, sufficient raw materials and parts must be prepared. In this way, inventory overstocking has become a big problem.

The factory logistics system with automatic storage as the center can link up production, speed up material turnover and reduce costs. It can also solve the circulation problems and the contradiction between supply and demand in each link of production, so that the production capacity of each link in production can better meet the actual demand.

Four Values of Automated Three-dimensional Warehousing

Fourth, improve the level of enterprise management.

The traditional warehouse is only the place where goods are stored, and the preservation of goods is its only function, which is a kind of "static storage". The automated three-dimensional warehouse adopts advanced automatic material handling equipment, which can not only automatically access the goods in the warehouse as needed, but also organically connect with the production links outside the warehouse, and realize the principle of first-in-first-out of the goods. prevent the natural aging, deterioration, rust or mildew of the goods, reflecting the preservation of the product value.

The logistics system mentioned above is also a subsystem of the whole enterprise production management system (from ordering, necessary design and planning, planning and production arrangement, manufacturing, assembly, testing, shipping, etc.). The establishment of real-time connection between logistics system and enterprise large-scale system is another obvious technical trend in the development of automated elevated warehouse. MAXRAC is committed to providing solutions for your warehouse storage, promoting your company's automated storage and logistics to the extreme. We welcome your consultation.

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