Why Implementing A Shuttle System in Your Warehouse

Apr. 11, 2022

Why add a pallet shuttle system to your warehouse? Learn about the features and benefits of MAXRAC's Radioshuttle.

The New Reality of Warehousing

Warehouse prices are skyrocketing right now. Between the booming economy and the explosive growth of e-commerce businesses, storage and distribution real estate is at an unprecedented premium. Prices will continue to rise, which means warehouse operators will need to adapt to this new reality of warehouse costs. 

Smart operators are maximizing warehouse utilization through more compact aisles, denser rack configurations and automated solutions.  Using one, two or all three of these strategies will not only expand the capacity of your existing warehouse, but will also increase productivity and reduce labor costs in the process. 

Why Implementing A Shuttle System in Your Warehouse

Pallet Shuttles

One of the simplest and most effective solutions for high-density racking and automation is the use of pallet shuttles. These are radio-controlled shuttles that can pick up and store pallets at either end of the racking structure. 

Using this type of configuration, you can exponentially increase racking depth, begin to eliminate aisles, and even increase the height of the racking structure to maximize cubic feet.

Of course, pallet shuttle systems are not a panacea for all storage problems.  Deep racking systems mean you are not as selective as you would be with standard selective racking.  However, for operations with high throughput and low SKU counts, a shuttle configuration is often a perfect solution.

Flexible configurations

These types of systems can also have a dynamic pallet flow box pickup lane on the bottom level of the racking system. Replenishment pallets are stored on the upper level to supply the pallet flow picking lane on the lower level. All case picking is performed in picking tunnels that pass through the floor shelves.

Buffer pallets are handled by forklifts and shuttles in separate truck corridors perpendicular to the picking tunnel. This is an extremely efficient and space saving way to store pallets in the direct picking area while maintaining safe and efficient picking lanes.

The combination of mezzanine and pallet shuttle systems allows for greater flexibility. An open area for product staging is created on the floor, with all buffer storage in the columns above.

Why Implementing A Shuttle System in Your Warehouse

Shuttle carts racking solution that adapts to any warehouse - no matter the size of existing space, allowing maximum optimization of the storage volume and reducing the working times.The space utilization of warehouse from 40% up to 80% and automatic order picking efficiency doubled or tripled compared to drive in system.

Radio shuttle racking has supported WCS, WMS software and fulfilled in line with the new generation of Internet of things (IoT) plus era and realized the long-distance monitor and control (no limit of flow).By using the network solve your problem more efficiently and greatly reduce the labor cost. 

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