​Benefits of the Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Apr. 04, 2022

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are designed to optimize the picking process to increase efficiency. But what exactly are these efficiencies? What are the key benefits you expect from ASRS for your operations? What are the advantages of an automated storage and retrieval system over traditional shelving and racking?

1. Increased storage capacity

The most obvious benefit of ASRS is the considerable space savings they provide. Removing the need for wasted aisle space shelving and utilizing the entire ceiling height of your facility; ASRS technology provides high density storage in a compact footprint.

These dynamic systems utilize tightly configured totes, bins, dividers, drawers and specialized brackets to most efficiently organize inventory to maximize storage capacity. In addition, integrated inventory management software dynamically manages the cube space within the storage system, keeping all inventory tightly compressed.

Benefits of the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)

2. Reduce labor requirements

The second most obvious benefit of an automated storage and retrieval system is the labor savings; ASRS units deliver the required items directly to the operator through a "goods-to-person" concept, significantly reducing operator walking and search time.

In addition, because the automated solution interfaces with inventory management and order management software, picking is sequenced so that machine movement is optimized to match the desired pick. This means that all items can be picked in one rotation or cycle of the machine's storage bins or pallets, further maximizing picking time.

One worker using ASRS can handle multiple operators' picking tasks in a manual system, allowing you to reallocate up to two-thirds of your manual picking labor to other non-picking tasks without losing throughput.

Benefits of the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)

3. Improve picking accuracy

Each step in the picking process can lead to human error. The more manual the process, the greater the chance of error.

The ASRS system integrates multiple light-guided picking technologies and an integrated message center that communicates picking information to the operator for high picking accuracy. Together, these systems indicate the exact area within the carrier of the item to be picked, display the part number or description, pinpoint the exact location, pick directly (or supplement storage) and indicate the quantity required. These visual picking aids reduce picking errors and increase accuracy to 99.9%. 

Benefits of the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)


4. Increase picking throughput

In manual operations, pickers typically fill one order at a time, which translates into a picking rate of approximately 50 lines per hour.ASRS technology doubles throughput by eliminating walk and search times using the goods-to-man delivery concept. Integrating picking with lighting systems to direct operators to the exact location of the pick doubles throughput rates again.

Use batch picking (the process of combining orders with one or more common items) to integrate inventory management software to sequence picks to be completed in a single rotation (or cycle) of cells. Picking multiple identical items and shipping them to a nearby workstation for sorting into the appropriate order. Because multiple orders can be filled at the same time, throughput rates can be doubled again.

Benefits of the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)

5. Better inventory control

The ASRS solution stores inventory in a fully closed system; providing secure, reliable and controlled inventory management. The system can be configured to allow only authorized personnel to access stored inventory via personal login and password. This allows lost or misplaced shipments to be traced back to a specific individual. This enhanced accountability and security eliminates inventory shrinkage and its negative impact on the bottom line.

In addition, items are kept clean and protected from exposure to dirt, dust and other environmental contaminants. This not only extends their useful life, but also reduces the number of products or components that must be scrapped due to damage.

These are just a few details on how ASRS can save you floor space, reduce labor, minimize picking errors, speed picking rates, and provide better inventory control. To get more info, please contact us today.

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