Advantages of Radio Shuttle Racks

Oct. 29, 2022

A radio shuttle rack is a semi-automated solution for storing high-density goods, which uses automatic devices to move back and forth through the aisles for transport, with forklift trucks picking up at the end. Radio shuttle racking has attracted a lot of attention in recent years due to its own characteristics. This article will focus on the advantages of radio shuttle racking for industries such as logistics and warehousing and will hopefully be of help to you.

Radio Shuttle Rack

radio shuttle rack


Improved space utilization

One of the main advantages offered by radio shuttle racks is the ability to increase space utilization. Because Radio Shuttle racks reduce forklift aisles, space utilization in the warehouse can be greatly improved. By converting the drives on the racks to a radio shuttle system, the utilization of the original storage area can be increased by around 30%. Of course, each project requires our engineers to make a reasonable plan based on the specific conditions.


Reduced operating costs

Radio shuttle racks are more expensive than other racks, but they also perform better. Radio shuttle racks can automatically load, unload and sort pallets for inventory and picking, not only with high accuracy and speed but also continuously.

The increased speed also allows forklift operators to significantly increase the number of workloads per day. As a result, radio shuttle racks may require fewer forklift trucks and operators, which can be deployed elsewhere in the organization. This results in significant savings in warehouse operating costs.


Improved efficiency

Wireless shuttle systems are easier to operate than forklift trucks. Operators can be more efficient when the drive on the shelf is converted to a wireless shuttle system. The shuttle also does most of the work of putting pallets into and taking pallets out of the racking system, so forklift travel distances are significantly reduced and forklift travel times are also effectively reduced.

In addition, the reduced travel time of the forklift truck also results in it being able to load pallets into the truck or system faster than other systems.


Reduced damage

Damaged racking is not only costly and dangerous but can also create significant operational challenges for the warehouse. Radio shuttle racking reduces contact with the racking structure and therefore greatly reduces the likelihood of damage.

In addition, less damage to the racking structure also reduces the likelihood of collapse and reduces the possibility of manual handling and collisions when shuttle trucks move pallets and goods around the racks, therefore also reducing damage to stored products.


Improved warehouse security

Safety is a top priority for every warehouse. Reduced travel times and the need for fewer forklifts will automatically reduce the likelihood of accidents. Similarly, by reducing damage to racking, the risk of collapse and potential safety issues will be reduced and the warehouse can become safer and more efficient.

In addition, when converting the drives in the racks to the wireless shuttle system, we use crossbeams to connect all the rack units. The entire wireless shuttle rack system is more stable and safer.


Energy savings

Depending on the design and layout of the radio shuttle racking system, there is an opportunity to reduce the amount of lighting in the warehouse when the racks are deeper, concentrating it in purely working areas. In addition, the reduction in the number of forklifts required can provide ongoing energy savings.

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