6 Ways to Increase Warehouse Space Utilization

Nov. 02, 2022

Are you struggling with low space utilization in your warehouse? Here are six suggestions to solve your problem.

warehouse shelving

warehouse shelving

1. Expanding shelving upwards

Extending racks upwards is often the "easiest goal" for creating more storage space in a warehouse. However, there are often some drawbacks to extending shelves upwards - the shelf columns or base plates may not be the right size.

2. Reducing aisle widths

Wide aisles generally range from 10 to 12 feet, but if they can be reduced to 5 to 8 feet, you can save 15 to 20 percent of the area. However, in the case of very narrow aisles, wire guidance can also add to the cost.

3. Changing shelving

Another option for increasing warehouse capacity is to change the storage medium to a higher-density unit, for example by changing from a single-deep racking system to a double-deep racking system. Double-deep racking requires a front-mounted truck to load pallets. Push-back or drive-in racks are also alternatives to higher-density equipment.

4. Installing mezzanines

One of the best ways to increase warehouse capacity is to add mezzanines. Installing mezzanines above the floor process can almost double the footprint, for example in the shipping or receiving area. Of course, it is necessary to ensure that the floor load can handle it. If possible, it is much better to add a mezzanine than to extend the building.

5. Consolidating trays

Because some products only have a half-pallet count. If you consolidate into one pallet, you can place more products in the same area without leaving too much white space.

6. Unused space

Use space you've never thought of before. There is often space above the receiving or shipping doors for pallet racks filled with supplies, slow-moving materials, or incoming or outgoing products that have not yet been processed. This is a very effective way of increasing storage capacity for smaller or slower-moving items that do not require frequent replenishment.

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