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Nov. 10, 2022

Warehouse shuttle racking is a warehouse automation solution that automatically transports pallets from one end of a rack to the other. In this article, we will discuss whether warehouse shuttle racking is worth it.

warehouse shuttle racking

warehouse shuttle racking

What is warehouse shuttle racking?

Warehouse shuttle racking is a mobile cart that automatically picks up or stores pallets at either end of the racking structure and transports items within the pallet racking. Shuttle racking is invaluable in warehouses that use goods-to-pick methods and have high-density racking because it maximizes space and makes daily operations more streamlined.

Advantages of warehouse shuttle racking

1. Warehouse shuttle racking is an automated vehicle used to move pallets in the racking area in place of a traditional forklift.

2. Warehouse shuttle racking minimizes the need for forklift access to driveways, reducing congestion and allowing the warehouse to maximize every square inch of floor space.

3. Aisles can be built closer together and racks can be expanded horizontally and vertically to accommodate more pallets. For the right product and setup, these systems are of tremendous value in increasing productivity.

4. Warehouse shuttle racks improve pallet handling, thus minimizing the risk of SKU and rack damage.

5. Warehouse shuttle racks are easy to get started with and operators can choose their preferred inventory management techniques.

6. Reduces operator risk and potential damage to equipment and inventory.

7. Warehouse shuttle racks are flexible, allowing them to work in irregular spaces and withstand a variety of load types.

8. Warehouse shuttle racks are well suited for warehouses with low volume and high throughput. They speed up the flow of goods (outbound and inbound) and make it easier to manage racks with deep storage buffers.

9. Warehouse shuttle racks allow warehouse managers to maximize every square inch of warehouse storage space by increasing rack depth, increasing the height of the rack structure, and eliminating aisles.

10. Shuttle racking eliminates the need for manual operators to move forklifts up and down aisles, thereby reducing risk and saving time for warehouse workers, machinery, and the pallet rack itself.

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