Is Warehouse Shuttle Racking Worth It? (next Article)

Nov. 10, 2022

In this article, we will continue our discussion on whether warehouse shuttle racking is worth it.

Warehouse Shuttle Racking

warehouse shuttle racking

How does warehouse shuttle racking work?

Shuttle racking systems are operated using remote controls, radio signals, or WiFi. The operator simply transfers the order to the shuttle, which then picks up the entire pallet and transports it to the next available space on the rack using the integrated rails. Vertical rails at the end of the aisle also allow the shuttle to move up and down, which also eliminates wasted space.

The warehouse shuttle racks work in either a FIFO configuration or a LIFO configuration. Which one you use will depend on whether you are entering from both ends of the aisle or from one end.

Warehouse Shuttle Racking

warehouse shuttle racking

Uses of warehouse shuttle racks

Warehouse shuttle racking systems are best suited for warehouses with frequent loading and unloading of large quantities of pallets, warehouses with reduced product reference quantities but large pallet quantities storing seasonal goods, and warehouses that need to operate quickly and flexibly within a specific time period. Examples include cold storage, meat processing, food, and beverage distribution, etc.

Because warehouse shuttle racking systems help automate the placement and retrieval of pallets in deep storage racks, they can be used to increase the efficiency of dense storage areas. Small warehouses that do not have space to deploy forklifts can use these systems for order fulfillment and replenishment operations. Such warehouses can also maximize their limited storage space by increasing the height and depth of the racking structure.

Warehouse shuttle racks reduce the resources and manpower required to move large quantities of similar products/pallets per aisle, improve operational safety, reduce travel time and labor costs, and increase productivity.

It is important to note that warehouse shuttle racking systems are not suitable for distribution centers that store multiple items.

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