What Benefits Can Automated Guided Vehicles Bring to Me

May. 05, 2022

An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), also known as a mobile robot, is a wheeled, driverless vehicle navigated by a computer system. The machine can carry a wide range of materials in different types of warehouses and facilities.

The robot works according to a designated path predefined by elements such as tapes, grids, wires, lasers, etc. The laid out paths are efficient and reduce traffic on the floor. Today, many AGVs are working on conveyor systems and manual forklifts in large manufacturing facilities.

What Benefits Can Automated Guided Vehicles Bring to Me

Possible applications

You can program mobile robots to perform a variety of jobs. Some typical applications include storing and retrieving items, truck loading, moving from workstation to workstation, moving from manufacturing to storage, pallet shipping, and more.

You can use the software to specify which operations you need the vehicle to perform and where you need it to operate. The available software can also generate reports and monitor system performance. You can contact the pallet rack manufacturer to learn more.

What Benefits Can Automated Guided Vehicles Bring to Me

Types of AGVs

There are several types of AGV vehicles on the market today.

The most flexible of all AGVs is the mast-mounted vehicle. Mast-mounted AGVs are favored by many because they can perform a variety of different jobs, such as stacking, racking, and transport. You can also install manual forklift attachments to your AGV.

Both unit load AGVs and tractor AGVs are primarily used to transport loads. While the unit load is more compact, the tractor is capable of pulling multiple wheeled carts, which is very cost effective for most companies.

What Benefits Can Automated Guided Vehicles Bring to Me

Benefits of using AVG

There are many benefits to using AGVs, but these benefits fall into two main categories. The two main reasons companies use AGVs have to do with cost and efficiency. The first is the ability to reduce the number of employees needed to complete a particular job.

Companies can save money by hiring fewer people or shifting people to more useful and resourceful positions, which will increase productivity in the long run.

The second benefit is that you can transport materials safely and quickly. When using a computer-run vehicle, companies don't have to worry about mishandling materials or possible employee injuries.

What Benefits Can Automated Guided Vehicles Bring to Me


Automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs) are another option for companies handling different materials to reduce costs. By limiting potentially damaged goods and injured employees, investing in this system can save you money on labor costs and insurance.

In addition to the cost-saving benefits, AGVs allow companies to create efficient and well-managed facilities. As with any investment, research is essential when deciding which AGV is better for your company. MAXRAC welcome your inquiry.

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