How Do I Make Use Of Rivet Shelving Benefits

May. 18, 2022

Riveted racking is one of the most versatile forms of industrial racking. It rivals the load capacity of heavy duty large span or pallet racking, but is designed for carton and box storage. Made of solid steel, the shelves are boltless and adjustable, giving you the flexibility to store a wide range of product sizes. Depending on your inventory, different shelving and crossbar options are also available.



The main thing you should know before ordering riveted shelving is the size of the products that will be stored on it. While the system is easy to customize and the shelves can be moved to accommodate changing inventory, there are still many different sizes and components to choose from. Make sure you have a good idea of what you want to store, as each unit has a different rivet capacity and shelf size. There are add-ons available to make your system larger, but wider units should have a center support to hold them up. Rivet shelves are very easy to install and do not require many tools.

How Do I Make Use Of Rivet Shelving Benefits

Shelf Capacity

The load-bearing capacity of safety racks is essential because of the strong connection between the items and the rack beams and the resulting security. While larger racks reduce capacity, the smaller spacing between the center support and additional racks with beams can increase capacity, giving you many options for spacing racks and enhancing the items stored on them.

One of the more innovative uses of riveted shelving is to make it a mezzanine structure. It can be mounted on top of a structural platform or used as a structure for sandwiching items. Because of its inherent versatility, riveted shelving can be cut to the exact height and installed as a support structure to meet any need. This allows you to build a simple square of almost any size with shelves running the entire height.

How Do I Make Use Of Rivet Shelving Benefits


Fixed shelves are usually picked up with bite-board outdoor decks, but you can also choose a cable deck consisting of a sturdy cable net in addition to a rack beam. Either of these deck styles is appropriate as long as you consider the size of the containers resting on the shelves.

Double Riveted Shelving

While double riveted shelving offers greater tonnage capacity and better security, it costs more and takes up more upright space. Dual fixed beams are much larger than single riveted beams and take up more upright space between racks. Nevertheless, the dual riveted shelves provide greater lateral security due to the dual riveted ports at the end of each rack. If you have a lighter load, a separate rivet shelf needs to be sufficient for your needs. For larger tonnages with durable capabilities, dual rivets are favored.

How Do I Make Use Of Rivet Shelving Benefits

Riveted shelving is a very rugged option for non-palletized, hand-loaded inventory storage systems. Because of its greater load capacity, you can use open shelving without side supports, providing you with additional storage options and storage space container sizes. Contact MAXRAC for information to help you with your warehouse storage.

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