Speedlog Pallet Shuttle Racking System Guidance

Jul. 08, 2022

The shuttle racking system is a semi-automatic dense storage system composed of racks and shuttle carts.

Applicable scenarios:

●  Fewer SKUs

●  Mass production

●  Intensive storage

Applicable industries: Food and beverage, paper industry, chemical industry, etc

Suitable for normal temperature and cold storage (-25 ℃)

Speedlog Pallet Shuttle Racking System Guidance

Product introduction

The shuttle racking system can also be connected with other equipment or systems to form a fully automated storage system.

●  Shuttle carrier system

●  Stacker - stacker + shuttle automatic warehouse

●  AGV, unmanned forklift ---- unmanned forklift automatic warehouse

●  WMS---Intelligent Warehouse Management System

Speedlog Pallet Shuttle Racking System Guidance

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is an important part of the new generation of information technology and an important development stage in the "informationization" era. 

1. The core and foundation of the Internet of Things is still the Internet, which is an extended and expanded network based on the Internet;

2. Its user end extends and extends to any item and item, for information exchange and communication, that is, the relationship between things.

The Internet of Things is widely used in the integration of networks through communication perception technologies such as intelligent perception, identification technology and ubiquitous computing. Therefore, it is called the third wave of the development of the world information industry after the computer and the Internet.

Speedlog Pallet Shuttle Racking System Guidance

Main accessories

Adjustable base:Adjust the level problem caused by land subsidence after long-term use.

Pallet Guide: When the forklift puts the pallet into the track, it guides the pallet.

Front panel: The Front panel has outward turning hooks. When matched with an unmanned forklift, the retainer panel needs to be flat to avoid collision with the front end of the forklift. When matched with stacker, use track hole positioning, no retainer panel required.

Forklift retainer panel:Prevent forklift tires to colliding, which need to be matched with the wheel spacing and tire size of the forklift.

Speedlog Pallet Shuttle Racking System Guidance

Main Functions

Fall arrest device

The bottom of the shuttle has a concave design to prevent the fork tine from sliding.

The shuttle is equipped with four electromagnets inside. Once the forklift inserts the shuttle and leaves the tunnel, it will be automatically powered on and fixed on the fork teeth of the forklift. It cannot move. The electromagnets will be disconnected only when it returns to the tunnel.

Rescue vehicle

The shuttle is equipped with electromagnets to pull the fault vehicle out of the roadway. The rescue car transformed from the shuttle car allows the staff to stand on the car and enter the shelf lane for maintenance or take out other faulty vehicles.

Extended functions

1. Remote monitoring is an extended function of the shuttle car. In the network environment, the electrical engineer can remotely know the running status of the car, and when a fault occurs, he can determine the cause of the vehicle's failure.

2. The on-site monitoring screen can display the running status of the trolley on the PC or touch screen, such as fault information, power prompts, etc. Additional professional software needs to be purchased.

Speedlog Pallet Shuttle Racking System Guidance

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