FAQs about warehouse storage solutions

May. 10, 2018

Question: If I want to use your longspan shelving instead of chrome is that okay?

A: You can use any finish wire shelf we carry.

Question: Can the track lengths be customized or cut?

A: No the track lengths are not customizable.

Question: Can I add mobile mid units in the future?

A: Yes if your storage shelving system requirements change you can add or subtract units.

Question: Can mid units be stationary?

A: Yes. 2 of 4 wheels come with brakes so if you need a mobile mid unit can become stationary

Question: Can stationary end units become mobile?

A:No. The end units are intended to stay stationary. We suggest bolting them to the floor with the foot plates that are provided with each stationary end unit.

Question: Are the wire shelves adjustable?

A: Yes. Each individual wire shelf is adjustable in 1″ increments.

If you looked the questions, you must want to buy our warehouse storage solutions. Looking forward to your orders!

FAQs about warehouse storage solutions

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