Speed Shuttle Cart & Pallet Racking System in Serbia

Project Date: Jul. 12, 2019

After 2 weeks' work, installation of racks and testing for pallet shuttle is finished. Now it's glad to see all system work perfectly!


Speed Shuttle Cart

This project is located in Belgrade, Serbia, for a reputable logistics corporation in local. We come to an agreement with customer in March 

and all goods reach into Belgrade in May.


Installation work is finished by client independently. They spent 2 weeks to assemble racks and test of shuttle, with help of local installer and remote guidance of us by message and instruction video. I must say they are doing a very awesome installation work with high efficiency.

Speed Shuttle Cart Speed Shuttle Cart


Customer is using standard EUR pallet with size 1200*1000mm and 1200*800mm.

Due to request of pallet position, 1st and end row is only 100mm to the wall, which is very narrow for installation of upright. 

So we calculate every parts very precisely with special baseplate. Now it's glad to see every parts well installed.


Speed Shuttle Cart

Details of projects as below:

Project Type: Radio Shuttle Rack

Industry: Logistics Center

Installation time:May,2019

Installation Place:Belgrade, Serbia

Project scale:3,400 pallets position 

Speed Shuttle Cart Speed Shuttle Cart

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